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The Uniform

The karate uniform is known as a Gi. Pronounced Gee. Using the "G" sound as in the word "GOOD"

All students must have a Dojos student uniform to participate in classes. Higher level students may wear a uniform of a lower level. Otherwise each level must wear their respective colors as described below.

White Gi = This uniform is for beginner level students. Ranks White, Yellow and Orange. The white represents purity like the beginning of life. It is the beginning of your martial arts life.

Black Gi = The next level is the intermediate level. Ranks Purple, Blue and Green. The black uniform represents the qualities of a black belt. By now students should have learned the qualities of a black belt and have begun to acquire some of these skills.

Red Gi = The advanced level students are allowed to wear a red uniform. Ranks Brown and Red. This Gi represents intensity. Think of a red hot fire. Intensity is the skill that will make your self defense techniques work good enough to protect yourself.

Blue Gi = The blue uniform is reserved for black belt students. The blue represents water. Water is considered to be very powerful. It can take on many shapes and forms. It can be very calm or extremely violent.

The Karate Safety Gear

Sparring Gear

The student understands and agrees to observe all training rules and regulations of the school, which include the use of specific protective equipment approved and purchased through the school. Protective equipment, required by the school, will largely reduce the possibility of accident or injury.

Student Safety Gear= Must be RED student sparring gear bearing the school logo purchased from the Dojo. No other sparring gear will be allowed on the mat.

The Patches

Dojo Logo

The School Patch

The Shape - The circle represents constant and never ending improvement. The black and yellow is the black belt students over seeing the beginner students. Many times a martial artist will come full circle meaning that once they get to the black belt level they start helping beginners improve their skills which better helps the black belt student to solidify what he/she has learned.

The Stars - The stars represent the past, the present and the future.The present is colored red to stand out that you are HERE. The past is history and the future is a mystery. Live now.

The Kanji characters - The kanji characters translate to "Dojo" which means "a place to learn the arts". It can also be read as "a path leading the way."

The Colors - The Blue represent water(power). Water is considered to be very powerful. It can take on many shapes and forms. It can be very calm or extremely violent. The gray represents knowledge. Gray matter is a term used in medicine to refer to the brain. In the martial arts we refer to the "Scholar" and the "Warrior". Meaning knowledge and power.

The tick marks - If you look closely you will see the four tick marks of a compass. North, South, East and West. The Kanji characters are in the Eastern hemisphere of the patch to symbolize the origin of the martial arts of the Eastern world. The Red, White and Blue are in the Western hemisphere to honor the United States or the Western world.

The Kicker - The kicker is intentionally colored white because it symbolizes a blank canvas. The blank canvas is where all priceless works of art began. Remember to begin with the end in mind. What do you want your masterpiece to look like when you are finished?

Team Patches

Team Patches

S.W.A.T. = Special Winning Attitude Team.

S.T.O.R.M. = Special Team Of Role Models

Leadership. = This is the level that precedes the Instructor levels.

These elite teams are students learning the skills needed to become great employees and great instructors. The students are hand picked based on their testing grades and martial arts attitude.

Merit Badge

Sparring Merit Patches

The sparring merits are earned by attending a certain number of sparring classes within a given belt cycle. Patches are awarded at belt exam time to be worn on the newly earned belt. Patches can not be transferred from one belt to another. Must be Purple belt or above to earn sparring merits.

Academic Patch

Academic Achievement Patch

The academic achievement patches are earned by presenting your school report card the the instructor. The instructor will look for excellent grades or signs of improvement when determining whether an academic patch should be awarded.

Weapons Patches

Black Belt Weapons Patches

Black Belt weapons patches. The patches are worn by BBC members after they have successfully completed and performed the particular weapon that they have learned in class. You must be age 8 and older and rank yellow belt or above to qualify for BBC. Weapons patches can also be purchased by Black Belt students who have also successfully learned the respective weapon. Weapons include the following:

Escrima Sticks
Bo Staff

Patch Locations

Karate Uniform

How to tie your belt

How to tie a karate belt