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Membership Policy

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Cancellations, Fees and Discounts

Cancellation: Starter Memberships may not be cancelled during the 6 Month Term. Upon completion of the Term agreement, your membership extends monthly until you cancel it with a 30 day notice. If you wish to cancel, you must give written notice of cancellation via a student cancellation form located at the front desk of the dojo at least 30 days prior to the next scheduled payment date. Memberships shall not be cancelled by telephone, mail, email, fax or verbally. Memberships may only be cancelled as described in this section.

Any payments drafted can not be refunded under any circumstances.

Rates: Rates will automatically increase when you reach the next level in your training. (Beginner level, Intermediate level, Advanced level and Black belt level)

Late fee: A $10 late fee will be applied to all payments not received by scheduled due date.

Insufficient funds: A $20 Insufficient funds fee will be applied if payment is rejected for any reason.

Membership Fee/Re-enrollment Fee: A membership fee of $99 will be applied during time of enrollment or re-enrollment.

Additional Discounts: Once you are enrolled, a discount is available for immediate family members who wish to enroll. Please call the studio or see a staff member for more information.

Add-On memberships: Dojo's offers add-on memberships such as weapons training and KenpoXT. Ask your instructor how to get started.

Private Classes

Extra Help: Private lessons are a great way to help students better prepare for a TIP testing or Belt Exam. The instructor will special tailor your class specifically to help you in the areas that you need to improve.

Weapons: Want to learn a new weapon? Arrange for private lessons to learn a specialized weapon or join the BBC weapons training program.

Sparring: Whether you need to make up a sparring class to be ready for exams or you just want to improve your sparring game. You can set up a private lesson to help you out.

Groups: Want to bring a group to Dojos? We have catered to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Realtors, Sports teams, Businesses and more. Group classes can be done at Dojos or on location. Group rate $150 for 1 hour class, maximum 15 people. Talk to your instructor if your group is more than 15.

Each instructor offers special class times that they are open for private lessons.

The cost of private lessons are based on instructors rank and expertise. Rates start at $20 per half hour class for one-on-one instruction with junior instructors.

Private class times are limited so see your instructor for availability.

Missed Classes

The karate curriculum is designed in such a way that the average person can attend class 2-3 times per week and pass their tests with good scores.

Students who consistently perform above average and want that extra learning challenge should consider the Black Belt Club and KenpoXT.

Student who fall below 2 classes per week should consider a private class to get back on track.

Studies have shown that students with great attendance get great scores. Students who get great scores feel good about themselves and as a result confidence is increased.

Unfortunately the opposite is also true. If a students misses a few classes, they may feel like they are behind, they may get frustrated and finally may want to quit.

As a service to our students we monitor their attendance. Therefore we are able to save many students from this pattern of failure by calling to remind them to get to class or sending a notice in the mail. Parents, we need your help to prevent your child from getting to the frustrated stage. Help your child visualize the rewards they receive later for the work they are doing now.